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Friday, December 5, 2008

From the Campaign trail.....

I want to thank all of our Rank & File members who participated in the S.P.U.R. program this past October & November. A special, special thanks to all of you that worked so hard on getting the vote out both locally and across the U.S. We have some hard working members and they truly deserve to be acknowledged. Thanks Again! We did it!......
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  1. Christopher bontonDecember 7, 2008 at 8:39 PM

    I just want to thank ufcw5 for giving me chance work with other union brothers and sisters in ohio in the S.P.U.R program. i never felt more proud, because ufcw5 Yes we can, for Barack Obama help turn the state of ohio blue.Ron Lind. tony Alexander,showed me what ufcw5 pride was all about, and it brought out the best in me everyday, and i will never forget it as long as i live. Thank you so much, ufcw5, for giving me a new sence of pride. UFCW5 Member Christopher r Bonton, thanks Kelly your the best.

  2. Way to go Chris!
    Thanks for helping out!
    You and you co-workers are the Union.
    Stay involved, keep informed, let you brothers and sisters know what is going on with your Union and our new Blog site. This is another way for us to keep informed, and involved.

    Phil Fidandis
    Union Representative
    Local 5